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Hey. It's Hunter-Punter. I changed my name to get away from the shitty past I had with the community. Sorry for being an asshole.



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Posted by Col-ON - January 11th, 2021

Alright. I'm not entirely sure who actually cares about any of this, but fuck it, here I go anyway.

I'm happy enough with these two intermissions. The next DESCENT related movie will be DESCENT 2. Expect more soldiers, more bandits and more exploration. Maybe even some new people we'll meet along the way... Stay tuned. Also, I think the lack of title and end cards have been bugging some people, so yes I'll deal with that in this episode.

I've also started planning a new series, to keep me from losing my mind working on just DESCENT. This one will be absolutely balls to the walls. Action inspired by John Woo's insane gunfights, another unique setting and more interesting, fleshed out factions all over the place. I suppose you could see it as a different approach to the same ideas as DESCENT. I've posted it all over Discord, but here it is again. Concept art for this series' protagonist, an extremely pissed off poacher living in the middle of nowhere.


I've also been planning some quick shorts that are completely unrelated to both of these, but I wouldn't be too hyped since they're the lowest priority. Still a possibility though. Stay... tuned?


Posted by Col-ON - January 9th, 2021

Not very happy with this one, but it's done. Go give it a watch.

Now I really need a break.. See you soon...


Posted by Col-ON - December 16th, 2020

I mentioned in Captive that the Intermission short series' were about experimenting with different ideas. So, because of that, I'd like to hear what YOU, the audience, wanna see. Anything from a small detail like puffs of smoke to absolute destruction. Something you wanna try but are too lazy to do, or something you think is an underrated detail, I don't care. Tell me. It helps me figure out the kind of thing people want me to make instead of grasping at straws blindly, and you get to see some cool ideas in action. Many of these I will try to work into another short.

Edit: Yes, I should have expected this. Without the dumb comedy shit please. *cough cough* dinodog


Posted by Col-ON - December 13th, 2020

Merry christmas or something. I got this lil' short done, wasn't expecting it to take this long but it did. Enjoy.

Now, I think I'm gonna need a long break...

Posted by Col-ON - November 25th, 2020

Already working on something new, bois. My motivation to make more shit is through the roof and I have no idea why. Anyway, expect more comically cartoony violence, more melee action, and best of all, some gunfights that aren't absolute garbage. Can't wait to get this thing finished.