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DESCENT sprites + plot.

Posted by Col-ON - 12 days ago

Alright. I'll cut to the chase with sprites because I know some of you are already scouring the page for the link. Don't worry. Here it is:


I was going to clean up the files, but I feel there's a bit of value in showing everything as they were in their original raw form. Enjoy scouring through that mess.

Ok. So, the full story. My script was only written as a general summary of all the movies, so there won't be any ultra-detailed stuff here. Just a general idea of what the rest of the series was supposed to be. Just a quick note; I'm using 'MC', short for 'Main Character' to refer to the series' protagonist.

DESCENT 3 admittedly had a pretty bad start. The idea was that the LPA (military), or some bandit faction, would have started a full scale manhunt for MC through the entire city. MC's new friend, Petr, suggested that the two leave the city and lay low until the whole situation is blown over. They'd take the city's sewer system to avoid detection, and there would be some tense fights with small junkie groups throughout the trip. There would also be a stealth sequence through a section of a water plant, which, inspired by the water vapor formed in car exhausts, would generate the city's water supply, and possibly recycling sewage. Passing through the water plant, MC and Petr would be able to bypass the city's surrounding walls through old waste pipes, and reaching the outside wasteland. The idea was that the LPA completely drained the area's resources, causing the entire landscape to become barren. A large area around the city would have been used to dump garbage and old military tech, and also feature various bandits and animals would be hanging around. The wasteland would have been a very different tone from the city, even in terms of the action; the city being fast paced and intense with the close quarters, meanwhile the wasteland was slow, only having small engagements with a handful of enemies at a time at longer ranges. The LPA wasteland corps mentioned in posters in the city would have some screen time, but for the most part the wasteland would be pretty slow and empty. Outside the city the bandits weren't aware of the situation with MC, so him and Petr would've been able to set up camp in a ruined building somewhere. DESCENT 3 would have more and better fleshed out hallucination sequences, however I'm unsure where I could fit them in based on this outline.

DESCENT 4 marks a drastic shift in the whole story of the series, bringing the focus almost entirely onto MC's deteriorating mental state. This movie was definitely the least fleshed out plot-wise though. The reason for this one was that MC and Petr were running out of supplies, and had to go searching. MC would mistake a civilian who'd escaped from the city as a bandit and accidentally kill him. This would have initiated the first hallucination sequence in the movie, however with this one I'm not entirely sure what would happen in it. MC eventually would have found a bandit hideout. A raid on the camp revealed a larger network underground. I don't know why they would have gone through it, but MC and Petr would clear out most of it, grabbing some supplies along the way and making an escape through the back entrance. Originally, this would lead to MC's capture by the LPA and continue into the original DESCENT 5, where he'd break out of a wasteland corps base, however it felt like unnecessary filler and got omitted entirely. In the newer version MC would have another hallucination and accidentally kill Petr. This would cause MC to go into a sort of rage mode and blast through the rest of the base, which was now also being assaulted by LPA forces. He'd take an improvised vehicle on the surface and drive straight towards the city. An outro scene would show MC burying Petr in a remote part of the wasteland before driving off again.

DESCENT 5 would be the conclusion to the series. MC would head straight for the LPA base (that poorly drawn building shown in Before's truck ride). He would be fully aware that he wouldn't be able to stop them at all, but he wanted to at least cause as much damage as possible before his inevitable death. The fighting in this movie would be some of the most intense, with multiple LPA boss fights and MC getting progressively more and more wounded. Eventually he'd be too badly injured to continue on, and run out of medical supplies. This would start the final hallucination, where MC is given some time to reflect on everything. In some way or another, he'd finally be given the option to accept his mistakes and have some closure before his death. Still unable to move on from his guilt, he'd end up rejecting this and getting no proper closure before the end. It was supposed to be a bit dissatisfying, showing that sometimes it can be hard to move on and find peace with yourself, and I hope that, even with this vague plot outline, you can still see that message.

I dunno honestly. I have a feeling that if I really wanted to I could have pushed through and gotten the project finished, but at the same time these plot outlines just feel kinda bad at times. I do improve on them as I'm animating the movie, but still. Maybe the poorly written summaries had me set up to fail. I dunno. I hope this post was enough to at least give y'all a sense of closure with the series, with the pretty dry conclusion DESCENT 2 had.



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3 entries wasted

All of these events at least lend to the idea that the MC does not accept death without his foes meeting their death.
I would have in D4 the bandits forcefully drag the MC and Petr into fighting with them to defend the hideout from LPA infiltrators. They could have seen the MC and Petr as odd and armed strangers, but probably not as untrustworthy outsiders. A bandit alarm wakes them up to seek shelter from some bombing or sudden convoy from the LPA.
But as they go deeper and deeper into the hideout, they meet the bandit leader, whom the LPA had told the MC before his snap was a priority target for disrupting travel and development at city borders, which shakes up the MC when the leader respectfully thanks him for helping deal with 20 of the intruders. This causes the MC to heavily hallucinate, or his mental state created by LPA brainwashing conflicts with his current perception of allies, painting all of the bandits as LPA and all the LPA as bandits, and Petr as some higher up LPA tool. The MC knows he is hallucinating, but believes that killing LPA goons should get him out of this, so he kills bandits thinking they are LPA, and the hallucination ends with Petr dying. Before or after Petr's death, MC kills everyone in the hideout regardless of allegiance and assumes that all of this is the LPA's fault.

Interesting stuff.

It is nice to have some form of closure at least, I hope that despite all of this, you will be able to enjoy the community regardless, your animations are beautiful and the story will always be unique even if you feel like it is pretty bad, you are a great creator mate, don't let others tell you why their opinion matters, you know what you were making and you know the story, you are the storyteller and not them, keep up the great work!